Flight Controls Engineer

Zipline is developing the most advanced fleet of autonomous vehicles in the world to serve its mission of providing life-saving medical products to people in need across the planet. To do this, we need the best and brightest world-class controls engineers writing the auto-pilot flight code. You are the right person for this job if you have expertise in Controls and 6-DoF simulation, and experience in C, C++ and Python, and are excited to work on systems where your algorithms will direct autonomous behavior of a fleet of vehicles. This means safety is critical, and consideration of corner cases and consequences is a cornerstone of your coding process. You must be comfortable owning a project from start to finish, crafting and meeting (or exceeding) requirements, and working both individually and with a team of engineers. You are self driven, able to tackle big projects and savvy at breaking complex problems down into small ones to arrive at elegant solutions.

In your first month, you will:

    • Meet the team and learn the ins-and-outs of our flight code system architecture
    • Take on improving an aspect of the vehicle flight performance
    • Participate in identifying and diagnosing real life vehicle controls flight issues.
    • Participate in design reviews across different parts of GNC

By your third month, you will:

    • Take on a significant project to improve controls robustness and fail safe system
    • Participate in improving simulation and software infrastructure
    • Participate in identifying and diagnosing real life vehicle controls flight issues
    • Have run multiple architecture reviews and design reviews on your ideas
    • Work with other teams to contribute on different aspects of vehicle algorithm design
    • Gain a greater understanding of the system design

By six months, you will:

    • Own one or more significant pieces of the vehicle controls software
    • Build new functionality in simulation and software infrastructure
    • Have a broad understanding of the overall vehicle software design
    • Have the ability to identify and diagnose problems by analyzing flight data

Strongly valued experience:

    • Expertise in Controls and 6-DOF simulations
    • Experience in C, C++, python
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Self-directed and self-motivated
    • Comfort working on safety-critical algorithms

Don't Be Fooled

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